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Zindagi Rocks


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Monday to Friday
(22:00 - 00:00)

Welcome to the place where your problems are solved, your wishes come true, your dreams are interpreted and your life gets smooth. Raja Haider answers your questions through astrology, palmistry, dreams interpretation, numerology, psychology and much more. The purpose of this program is to show you the most appropriate path and solution to any problem you are going through. A live music band on the show along with amazing poetry, kalam and ghazals enhances your mood and brings in good vibes around you to make you feel contented and satisfied. Zindagi Rocks helps you make the right decision for your better present and future.

Raja Haider

Raja Haider is an internationally known astrologer. He is known for his remarkable skills of astrology, palmistry, psychology, dream interpretations, numerology etc. He has specialized in this unique science and helps people by making their birth chart and suggests them appropriate solutions as well.