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Monday to Thursday
(20:00 – 21:30)

When we talk about marriage, either arranged or love, the first thing that comes to our mind is compatibility. Meray Humsafar talks about the various aspects of marital issues such as cultural, religious, social or day to day issues. A specialist, psychologist, palmist, marriage counselor is called in every episode to advise the couple on the show. This caller based show counsels the callers on all marital concerns. The team of Meray Humsafar also strives to mend the disturbed or broken relationships by coming at your doorstep to make your life beautiful and joyful. To be a part of your special occasion, Fauzia Mahmood celebrates the dholkis of the brides to be.

Fauzia Mahmood

Fauzia Mahmood is a marketing manager by profession and a theatre actor by choice. She is also an active social worker who now helps married couple find compatibility through her program Meray Humsafar.